He broke your heart
He took your soul
You're hurt inside
'Cause there's a hole
You need some time
to be alone
then you will find
what you've always known

I'm the one who really love ya, baby
I've been knockin' at your door

and as long as I'm livin'
I'll be waitin'
as long as I'm breathin'
I'll be there
whenever you call me
I'll be waitin'
whenever you need me
I'll be there

I've seen ya cry
into the night
I feel your pain
can I make it right?
I realize
there's no end in sight
yet still I wait
for you to see the light

I'm the one who really loves ya, baby
I can't take it anymore

You are the only one I've ever known
that makes me feel this way, couldn't on my own
I wanna be with you until we're old
you've got the love you need right in front of you, please come home


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